Get the results you deserve, WITHOUT a meal plan, wasting hours in the gym, and still have time for your horse, yourself and loved ones!

I used to think that it was an all or nothing mentality with fitness and nutrition - that very mindset, led me to failure. I discovered that I could not stick to strict plans and it simply wasn't practical for an equestrian's busy lifestyle. As a competitive dressage rider, wife and full time employee, I knew something had to be created that would fit into our busy days WITHOUT sacrificing time away from horses, friends, family and work! 

Ladies, I found the way. 

I am extremely proud to introduce, The Equestrian's Edge! A 10 Week Program designed specifically with the equestrian woman in mind. 

No more counting calories, following a strict meal plan, busting your butt at the gym, missing out on time with your horse and loved ones, arriving to work exhausted from that early morning gym session, weighing yourself daily and feeling discouraged, no more losing 10 lbs and putting it back on. 

This program is designed to give you a lifestyle of balance (yes wine and chocolate are encouraged!), freedom, fulfillment, time back doing what you love, self confidence and strength. It is designed to achieve lifetime, maintainable results to living your best life.  

Sound like something you need? Come join us for the next round! 


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